First Post

Finally got round to setting this thing up.

Last time I had a go at maintaining a blog was back when I was at Joost – almost 7 years ago. I set something up on tumblr and made a couple of posts, but never got into it.

This time I’ll try harder – I think I’ve got some interesting stories to share from the lessons I’ve learnt along the way at Expedia and Betfair, and my time at HackerSchool this summer has made me realise the value in sharing what you know.

For those who don’t know, I left Expedia at the end of May, and opted to take the summer off and go to Hacker School for the summer. My main goal for Hacker School is to learn, to write code, and to have some fun. I’m now half way through my time there, and its exceeding all expectations  thus far.

My initial project was to work in computer vision – to automate the categorising of images by content – in particular to take the motorsport photos I have, and separate by car manufacturer, or other significant details (e.g. sponsor logos).

A video of the results from the end of the my first week at Hacker School is available here:

Since then have improved up on that significantly, through  pairing with Nava, and learning more about how OpenCV works behind the scenes, I’ve begun to move onto my next project, which is a network monitoring project. The purpose of this is to help visualise slowdowns within the Hacker School network to help us quickly see the cause – on and to continue my other goals of learning, writing code and having fun!

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