I have an extremely strong technical background, with extensive experience in investigating and solving complex problems for very high volume websites and applications.

I’ve been employed in critical roles at leading web companies such as Expedia and Betfair and have also helped build teams and infrastructure at pioneering startups such as Joost.

My role as a technical leader for the past six years has required a focus upon strategic and long-term objectives for my team and the company.

I strongly believe that the business demands for high paced product delivery can be achieved in harmony with the technical requirements for quality, and I have the experience to ensure the right behaviours exist to ensure this happens.

I take pleasure from sharing my knowledge, through mentoring and coaching my team, thus enabling and empowering them to solve problems, and manage tasks that were previously my sole domain.

I am driven to learn and thrive under pressure in a high paced environment, and have a proven track record at solving problems; problems of scale, performance and complexity.

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  1. Hi Andrew. We share a name, though i have always been known as Andy, and it seems an equal passion for technology too! Found your blog by accident and enjoyed your blog, I retired in May 2012 from the role of Global CTO for the Capgemini Group and unusually was also an Executive VP so had general management experience as well. Nice to out of front line operational management and it’s allowed me to enjoy concentrating on the technology itself and coaching senior executives on enterprise adoption of new technologies for new business purposes. Loads of fun and very interesting hence interest in your views!

    You can find out about my views by a google search on andy mulholland capgemini

    So regards and keep up the good work! Best andy

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