Sum of Nothing

It’s been 10 months since I’ve updated my blog and it’s not been for lack of want – for a lot of this time I was working for a startup in “stealth mode” – meaning there wasn’t a lot that I could talk about. That startup was Sum (formerly Project Florida), which was a very […]

Shell Unshock?

A few friends have suggested that considering the domain on which I host my blog, I ought to share my thoughts on “shellshock” – the catchy name that has been given to Bash shell vulnerabilities detailed in CVE-2014-6271,  CVE-2014-6277,  CVE-2014-7169 and friends First of all I should state that as with any vulnerability, particularly one which has a potential […]

Some simple steps to scale a ruby app

At Hacker School, fridays are a little different to the rest of the week. Firstly they’re optional, and secondly rather than work on your usual projects its typical to do interview preparation. These consist of mock interviews, fun with recursion, and coding challenges. One such challenge is to “Create a URL shortener in under 2 hours” […]

Thoughts on data theft and security

It seems not a week goes by without breaches of some sort or other affecting a large generally reputable establishment being announced. I have been on the receiving end of just such a breach during my time at Betfair. I don’t have inside knowledge to the ins and outs of each breach, but can talk […]

First Post

Finally got round to setting this thing up. Last time I had a go at maintaining a blog was back when I was at Joost – almost 7 years ago. I set something up on tumblr and made a couple of posts, but never got into it. This time I’ll try harder – I think […]